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      fiting the awful battles for me, and for every man and woman

      Through his glasses Larry saw the hydroplane awaken the sea to a split crest of foam, saw a cascade of moiling water begin to chase her, and knew that the tiny craft was racing out to the meeting.

      But why did he shut off the ignition and pretend the engine had stoppedso handy to this old, abandoned estate?

      "I'm surprised at you," said the Deacon, "after the careful way you wuz brung up. Cards are the devil's own picture-books. They drag a man down to hell jest as sure as strong drink. Do you own a deck o' cards?"

      "Josiah Klegg," thundered the father, "tell me how you came by them things."

      Lieut. Bowersox came in with a telegram in his hand.


      "You don't seem to be in a good humor, ma'am," said the Deacon, maintaining his pleasant demeanor and tone.She Whipped out a Long Knife. 189


      Alls well! he grinned as Dick looked back.


      "Jest so," asserted the patriarch. "I kin saddle my ole nag arter dinner, rack over an' do some tradin', an' rack back agin in time for supper. But 'when we have sich sorry weather as this, Shelbyville seems on t' other side o' nowhar. You've got t' pull through the mud an' swim every branch and crick, an' you're mouty lucky if you git thar in a week."