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      The abbey was very beautiful, and there were more than a hundred nuns besides the lay sisters and the pensionnaires (children and young girls being educated there).

      A peu prs, Sire, and he pointed to a heap of enormous cases in the courtyard, which in about an hour he had arranged in the gallery in perfect order, much to the delight of the Emperor, who burst into a fit of laughter when he saw them.

      [Pg 258]You dont remember me? Your friend, your relation, the Marquis ?

      I dont know, said Esmeralda, looking rather doubtful.

      I am Mr. Samson Pinchook, he said, and I have come out on behalf of the firm and our late client, Mr. Gordon Chetwyndethe Gordon Chetwyndeof course youve heard of him. Mr. Pinchook coughed with a little air of importance, and settled his somewhat soiled and tumbled collar.


      "I want to talk about your wedding," she said, as soon as they were out of hearing. "When are you and Allegra going to be married?"Seeing that attention was being attracted to them, the Chevalier in despair put his arm into that of the Marquis, saying


      It must have been, said Lady Wyndover, suavely, and with a little twitch of the corners of her carmine lips, as she remembered Mr. Pinchooks moaning. And what do you think of London?but how ridiculous of me! Youve not seen it yet!"What makes my dearest look so pleased and happy this afternoon?" asked Disney, as he changed to the seat beside his wife.


      No, said the Marchal, if she must go I will tell her myself."She left you six months ago, and in all that time you never told me she was gone."