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      "Don't interrupt me, Smith. Yes, Clifton. You're not to reach there to-night--"

      CHAPTER XLIII. A SLICE OF LUCK.At the door the Colonel gave me a last look. "Good-night, Legs."

      SCENE FROM A JAPANESE COMEDY.--WRITING A LETTER OF DIVORCE. SCENE FROM A JAPANESE COMEDY.WRITING A LETTER OF DIVORCE.If there was a dark mystery any longer it was confined to the Corner House now. Hetty was not likely to see any more of Lytton Avenue. It was fortunate for her that Mamie was so much better in the morning, for as soon as the business of the day had commenced there was a rush of people to Lytton Avenue.

      "Oh!--we must never talk about that again, Richard; you saw me in the evilest guise I ever wore, and that is saying much."

      "Didn't you hear something?" she whispered.


      It was very quiet and still there when once the gates were closed. Balmayne took one of the lamps from the motor and extinguished the other. In the centre of the place was the well, partially covered over by a flat stone. There was a windlass, but no rope. Balmayne produced one. Very carefully he fitted it to the windlass. His dark eyes gleamed and dilated.


      "At one place we looked into a little den where some people were smoking opium. They were lying on benches, and were very close together. The room wasn't more than eight feet square, and yet there were a dozen people in it, and perhaps one or two more. The guide told us it was a mistake to suppose that they smoked opium as we smoke tobacco. We stand, sit, or walk while smoking; but when a Chinese uses opium, he always reclines on a bench or bed, and gives himself up to his enjoyment.[Pg 325] Men go to the shops where opium is sold and lie down on the benches for a period of pleasure. Sometimes two persons go together, and then they lie on the same bench and take turns in filling each other's pipe."You must not flirt with my governess, Dr. Bruce," she said. "I would have given a great deal not to have seen what I saw just now."