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      Yes, he said. I must do what many a man before me has been compelled to doI must marry money.Is he one of the Howards of Suffolk? asked Norman, with interest.

      Barker was delighted, and pondered over the innumerable costumes, with her finger to her chin, until they decided upon one which Barker considered most suitable.

      Good-bye, good-bye!

      Mr. Pinchook nodded.CHAPTER XVII.

      Pears to me, Varley, said Taffy, as Varley missed a point which would have won the game for him, that youd better chuck up cards and take to dominoes. Theyre a nice, child-like game, and dont make no call on your brain. Or how would skittles suit you? Mr. Varley Howard presents his compliments to the nobility an gentry of Three Star an other camps, an begs to inform em that, findin cards too much for his constitootion, he has opened a saloon for skittles an other infant games, where he opes to meet his former patrons at hop-scotch an peg-top. No playin for money allowed.


      It could not be helped, she said, almost huskily. It is fatefate. You are lost to me forever now, Traffordforever! The words have rung in my ears all day! Ah, God, what I have suffered! She put her hand to her lips as if to stifle the cry of anguish, and her fingers tightened upon his arm. You will never know, never understand, for a mans love, even at its best and fiercest, is not like a womans!Trafford almost rose from his seat.


      Trafford found that a train started for Liverpool in little more than half an hour, and having dismissed the cab, and filled the cabman with delight by the liberality of his fare, he paced up and down the platform, consumed with a burning impatience. He thought of Lilias once or twice, but the telegraph offices were closed, and the thought was only transient;[266] his whole being was absorbed in the pursuit which had begun. At the last moment he got a whisky and soda and tried to eat a biscuit, but the well-known and detested station comestible seemed more sawdust than usual, and he dropped it in disgust.Yes, said Norman. MissMiss Chetwynde, I mean, of course. She was Miss Howard when II met her.


      Trafford started.